How to Get Double Digit Response Rates to Your Prospecting Emails

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Sales prospecting practitioners shared 14 tips for getting more responses to your sales prospecting emails.

2. Dig Deep to Learn About Each Prospect

It’s important to give this information more than a cursory glance. Fahad Shoukat, VP of business development and partnerships at Skiplist, told us about an important connection that he made:

“I wanted to connect with a high-level contact at a major financial firm. I could include some relevant industry trends, but they already know that stuff. After some more research, I found out that this person hosts a podcast on innovation. Essentially, the emails [I sent] were all about his podcast.”

Did it work? Yes. The prospect responded the next day.

Measuring Sales Effectiveness | 7 Metrics Every CRO Should Be Obsessing Over

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I really liked this article. Some basic metrics anyone can use to measure sales effectiveness.

3. Sales Lead and Customer Response Times

Silence is death.

Fahad Shoukat, VP of Business Development at the software development company, Skiplist, “Personally monitors metrics around last time a salesperson spoke to a client and how often. Simple. If a customer is highly engaged with the sales rep then the deal has a high likelihood of it being real, and closing.”

At, we’ve found that there is a direct correlation in customer responsiveness with rep responsiveness. Building and maintaining momentum in the deal-cycle is essential to the deal progress and increasing overall close rates.

Furthermore, there is nothing worse for a growing sales organization to do than to not follow up and capitalize on the value that inbound leads present.

Warm leads have a considerably higher chance of success, and each one should be treated with the attention it deserves. Sales leaders should closely monitor lead response time and actively promote proactive follow-up schedules/cadences. While lead response times may vary by industry, it’s important to establish benchmarks for the sales team to follow, ensuring that all prospects are contacted within an appropriate time frame.