Chickpea Flour Tacos

chickpea tacos.jpg

I really like tacos. However, I am not fond of corn tacos. Especially the ones you get at restaurants. Almost impossible to find any healthy versions.

Who knows where the tacos were made. Where the corn is from. I prefer a healthier homemade option. 

Here I came up with a simple taco recipe using chickpea flour for the tacos. 

Ingredients / Directions:

  • Get some chickpea flour

  • Shake it through a sifter to prevent clumping

  • Optional: Add chili flakes, turmeric, salt, any other seasonings

  • Slowly pour in some water into the flour mixture. I like it a bit watery. Makes it easy to pour straight onto the pan

  • A few minutes on each side. Tacos done.

  • Fill with pinto beans, salsa, avocado.

  • No oil. Vegan. Legit. Easy.