Best Dairy-Sugar-Free Homemade Almond Milk

Dairy is terrible for your health. Soy milk also. 

Buying almond milk from the store is not a good idea either. They are full of chemicals and sugar if you are not careful. Any store bought milk is not good. 

If you are looking for an alternative. Make it at home. Here is a super simple almond milk recipe you can easily make at home. 

No additives. Ingredients controlled by you. Fresh. 


  • 1/2 cup soaked organic almonds (soak overnight 8-12 hours)

  • 2 cups spring water (use high quality water)

  • 1 medjool date (optional)

  • Dash of vanilla extract (optional)


  • Wash out soaked almonds. Don't use the water they were soaking in.

  • Put soaked almonds, water, date, and vanilla in a blender. I use a ninja.

  • Blend for a 30sec or a minute.

  • Pour into a nut milk bag. Get this one. Nut Milk Bag. It is worth it.

  • Squeeze out milk. Pour into a mason jar. Should be good for a week at most.

  • Save the almond milk pulp. Don't through it away. You can make granola or add to pancake batter.

This is a game changer. Don't have too much almond milk though.

Chickpea Salad

chickpea salad.jpg

Chickpeas should be a routine. Another healthy vegetable. Alkaline food. Chickpea flour is very versatile also. 

Made my own red bell pepper dressing. Once I figure out how to make it right, I'll post the recipe. 

Choley at any Indian/Pakistani restaurant is a solid option. 

Avocado Toast on Spelt Bread

avocado toast.jpg

I love me some avocado toast. I don't love paying $15 bucks for it. That's straight jacking people. 

Make it home. Super super easy. 

This is my staple. I eat this often for breakfast. Actually anytime I get hungry. It is a good snack option. 


  • One small avocado, mash it up in the skin with a fork. No seasoning needed. I sometimes sprinkle on cayenne.

  • Spelt bread

  • Flaxseed and Hempseed (optional)

Almond butter toast is another staple. However, for weight loss keep the almonds on low.

Daal and Wild Rice

daal and rice.jpg

South Asian staple. I eat this often. Especially when eating out at an Indian/Pakistani restaurant. 

If made really well, it will hit the spot and fill you up. Be careful not to eat too much. I tend to have this meal on a workout day. 

I don't make it the traditional way. I actually don't know what that way is anyway. I reduced the salt and practically no oil. 

Also subbed out white rice for wild rice. Wild rice another great alkaline food. Eat away.

Homemade Sushi

homemade sushi.jpg

Sushi is always a great choice when eating out. Plenty of good food choices. I took a shot at making my own at home. 

Definitely not professional but was fairly easy to make. Best part was I was able to control the seasoning and put any veggie I had around. 

Nori or seaweed is a great alkaline food. So is a wakame salad. 

Turned out good. Similar to Sushirrito.

Banana Sandwich

banana sandwich.jpg

I personally love this sandwich. I could eat this everyday and every meal. The options are endless and fairly healthy as well. 

I recently eat more spelt bread rather than wheat bread. Spelt is a higher alkaline food and less altered by man than wheat. Whole wheat is just ok. Go for spelt if possible. 

This version is my go to. 


  • Organic banana

  • Unsalted almond butter

  • Blueberries

  • Sprinkle some flaxseed and hempseed (optional)

Vegan Pizza with Homemade Marinara


Pizza is so addicting. I read somewhere pizza is considered a perfect food. The triangle shaped slices are perfect for eating with the combination of a good sauce, cheese, and crust. Seems about right. 

Problem is I am not a big fan of cheese. I'll have it from time to time but tend to stay away from diary as much as possible. Don't let them fool you. Diary isn't very healthy. Neither is meat. 

Eating out might work if you order a pizza without cheese. I prefer to cook at home. Better ingredients and I can control what goes in. 

TIP: When eating out, order a veggie pizza without cheese. Preferably on a wheat thin crust. 

I came up with this recipe to satisfy my pizza craving without all the extras like salt, oil, cheese, and meats. 

Vegan Pizza with Homemade Marinara


  • Thin crust pizza crust (homemade dough or store bought. Trader Joe's has a good sprouted wheat pizza crust.)

  • Marinara (I make my own. No oil or salt. Check out the recipe here.)

  • Any veggies you have. In this recipe I used a veggie mish mash to top the pizza. (corn, peas, cauliflower rice, bell pepper)


  • Preheat oven to 400F

  • Lay the pizza down directly onto to the rack

  • Turn half way through or as needed. I like it crispy.

  • Cook about 10min total. Adjust as needed

  • When you take it out, let it cool on a wood cutting board for a minute.

  • Enjoy.

Super easy and very healthy. Maybe the healthiest pizza of all time. I sometimes sprinkle with nutritional yeast if I have some for that cheesy flavor. Add in chili flakes, jalapeños. 

Serves one. I eat the entire pizza myself. Kids can make their own. :)

Chickpea Flour Tacos

chickpea tacos.jpg

I really like tacos. However, I am not fond of corn tacos. Especially the ones you get at restaurants. Almost impossible to find any healthy versions.

Who knows where the tacos were made. Where the corn is from. I prefer a healthier homemade option. 

Here I came up with a simple taco recipe using chickpea flour for the tacos. 

Ingredients / Directions:

  • Get some chickpea flour

  • Shake it through a sifter to prevent clumping

  • Optional: Add chili flakes, turmeric, salt, any other seasonings

  • Slowly pour in some water into the flour mixture. I like it a bit watery. Makes it easy to pour straight onto the pan

  • A few minutes on each side. Tacos done.

  • Fill with pinto beans, salsa, avocado.

  • No oil. Vegan. Legit. Easy.

Easy Baked Potato

accordian potato.jpg

Super easy potato recipe. I try to throw this together when I am craving potatoes but too lazy to peel and cut them. 

Making these slices helps the potato cook faster. Pop them in the oven and serve. I usually have just ketchup. The kids devour them. 

Healthy Smoothie


This is my go to healthy smoothie. I’ll throw in whatever I have around. All the various seeds are not necessary.

I tend to use green powders. Not a big fan of buying kale just for smoothies. Just my preference.

For weight loss use only water. In general, stay away from milk. Even almond milk etc. Added calories you don’t need.  

Stick to bananas and berries.  


  • 1-2 bananas

  • 1 tsp chia seeds

  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds

  • 1 tsp flaxseed

  • 1 tsp moringa powder (or any green powder)

  • water

I use a Ninja blender.