Rosewood Hotel Sand Hill


Dropped in for a quick meeting at the Rosewood. Have not been here in quite some time. I wonder if Thursday nights are still poppin?

The view is amazing. The calming rolling hills of Portola Valley and Los Altos Hills. A bit hazy today. 

The atmosphere at the Rosewood is always high-class.

In one corner you have want seems to be a few entrepreneurs who just finished a VC pitch. They seem stressed. Poor guys. I hope they get funding. 

In another corner, probably the same VCs who were just pitched by the entrepreneurs in the other corner. They seem happy. Enjoying some midday drinks. Good stuff. 

I decided to grab my own corner and get a bite to eat before my meeting. I wore my fancy coat. You got to look good here. 

The bar menu at Madera is limited. However, looks well balanced and delicious. Always challenging to figure out what to eat when out and about. 

I'm trying to go for that sixpack which means I should be careful of added sugars and empty carbs. 

What did I eat?

I settle on the mixed green salad with kumquat and candied pecans. I scratch the pecans and ask for dressing on the side. I have no idea what is a kumquat. I am hoping something not carby. Kumquat is a citrus fruit I find out later. Pretty good. 

Tip: Order a salad with the dressing on the side or no dressing. Empty calories for no reason. You'll get used to the taste of actually tasting the real flavor of greens. 

Solid place for a drink or small meal.