The "Notch" a Brilliant Design Choice


So much has been written about the infamous "notch" on the iPhone X. Surprisingly many hate the notch. True to Apple fans they are passionate about whether a feature is right or not. 

I am an Apple design fan and I started to wonder whether the notch was a mistake. I personally like the notch. All the notch haters got me thinking, did Apple miss something?

Well, no. Lets get something straight, they are so far ahead in design concepts than any other company out there. So they know way more than you, me, and everyone else. They know what they are doing. 

Sells itself every time you take it out at a coffee shop or a restaurant. 

Then I realized the notch is actually done on purpose. Or at least this is my theory. My reasoning is the notch is truly a distinctive design feature. 

Every other phone manufacturer is making phones that basically look the same. Especially when you put a case to cover the logo. 

A major part of an iPhone is that you have an iPhone. It is a luxury item. 

Iconic brands have their distinct logo. You know a Louis Vuitton bag when you see the famous LV logo. You know it from across the room. You are helping them advertise. Brilliant. 

This is independent of whether you care if people know you have a LV bag. This is all part of building lasting thoughtful products. 

Design with purpose. Engineer with purpose. 

Bye Bye Home Button

The iPhone X removed the famous home button. Everyone knows the iPhone with the distinctive home button. Now gone they came up with the notch. This all comes together to build iconic products. Everyone is talking about the notch. So much so that even people who don't have an iPhone X know one when they see it.

Sells itself every time you take it out at a coffee shop or a restaurant. C'mon you have to admit this is brilliant stuff. 


This also applies to the camera bump. Yeah we can argue about the need for a certain camera lens. Blah, blah, blah. You think Apple doesn't know how to make a completely flat phone and camera?

It's done as a distinctive design feature. Embrace the oddities of design. How many companies can pull that off? Not many. 

Even with a case covering the logo, you can see the bump. Making a call. Everyone knows you have an iPhone. 

Lay the phone face up, you see the notch. Everyone know you have an iPhone. Again, I am not talking about where you like the design or like Apple. 

The main point is design matters. 

Thoughtful Design

Often we build products by assuming we know more about a product than the company building it. However, great companies know their user better than you and also know their presence in this world better than you. 

Apple is selling all the time through design and great engineering. So good, they can't be ignored. 

When building software, always start with why? Why would our users care? Why would the market care?

The result should be a full understanding of the ecosystem surrounding you and your product. Don't take design lightly. Build unique incredible features that are so good, users remember and they can't ignore you. 

Working with individuals who are design thinkers and thoughtful builders will dramatically increase the chances of success. 

Here's to the notch. Jk. 


Fahad Shoukat

Blockchain Considerations


The Dotcom boom and bust was a wild ride. From the rubble came a wave of new tech giants - namely Google, Facebook, and many others. Tremendous investments were made to build out the foundation of the internet.

Wireless communication and the growth of LTE, Wifi, and Bluetooth have completely changed our lives. Mobile communication and the upcoming launch of 5G is going to be really cool.

The financial crisis and housing crash was an interesting experiment that seems to be repeating itself. Banking is primed for a major technology overhaul.

Every now and then we encounter seismic shifts in how technology will shape our future. Currently, that new technology is the Blockchain.

You have probably heard of it by now. If you haven't then this article is not for you and we  want to know if you living in cave.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are examples of applications built on the blockchain.

A quick summary, a blockchain is a digital ledger of records or transactions arranged in data blocks. Blocks of data are linked together through a cryptographic validation known as a hashing function. Follow the link if you want to nerd out for a bit or have trouble sleeping.

Linking the blocks together forms a blockchain.

What makes blockchain and this type of data structure so hot is applications can be decentralized. Meaning data is not stored in any single location, data is accessible by everyone, and is immutable. Meaning it is nearly impossible to hack.

There are tons of resources online that dive into the basics of blockchain. We won’t be covering that here but focus more on enterprise blockchain applications.

Our goal is to discuss important aspects to consider when working with blockchain technology as well as a few use cases for enterprises.



Enter the enterprise

A survey of 800 executives, featured in the same book, suggests 58 percent believe that up to 10 percent of global GDP will be stored using blockchain technology.
— McKinsey

Decentralization, cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin? How can enterprises of all sizes take advantage of blockchain technology?

Mainly for enterprises Blockchain plays an important role in fundamentally changing how we think about exchanging value and assets, contracts, and sharing data. The blockchain allows enterprises to transparently and digitally track assets as one example. As well as creating new ways of cross-organization communications.

Do you need Blockchain?

In 2017, many enterprises began experimenting with blockchain technology. This will continue in 2018 but for some blockchain will be ready to go from experimentation to a live deployment.

There are several enhancements being made to technologies such as Bitcoin, Hyperledger, and Ethereum to handle a higher scale.

A current limitation of blockchain are transaction latency and higher throughput. A large enterprise may handle 100,000 transaction per seconds where ethereum can handle only 14 transactions per second.

Enterprises will need higher throughput and better latency. You will need to evaluate your current and future needs and have a good understanding of the volume you expect to see. This will surely be a major factor in whether blockchain can work for a particular application. This isn't to say you should rule out blockchain. Just something to consider.

In addition, a blockchain enterprise proof of concept (PoC) may include only a dozen participants where a truly scaled permissioned blockchain will have dozens or thousands of participants. Onboarding and architecture design will play a critical role in how successful a blockchain will be in your enterprise.

Other considerations are ensuring the system avoids downtime. Traditional systems use replication and redundancy to ensure system avoid outages. Similar techniques are available with the right blockchain technologies.

Further, security is the most important aspect to consider. Permissioning models and authentication enable members to digitally sign messages and transactions.

Deploying blockchain is always the moment of truth as now it is exposed to the world. Any blockchain project must consider security early on in the development process to avoid major changes later. Basically, be friendly with the IT person. They’ll help you avoid trouble later.

Use cases for Enterprise

Let's get to the more practical aspects of using blockchain technology. There are many potential use cases. Quite a few are looking way too far ahead in what can actually be deployed and be usable.

Our belief is software should always be usable and thoughtful. This starts with taking an iterative approach and build a strong foundation. Whether we are working on a core project or something with an innovation lab, the process of testing and learning is a skill often forgot today.

Smart Contracts

The fundamental benefit of blockchain technology is a consensus of the participants on the network is needed to verify and approve transactions. This would allow an enterprise to dramatically limit fraud.

In theory, blockchain features can be used in supply chains, product development, internal workflows, pretty much in every department.

A good proof of concept may be around developing smart contracts. Software contracts built on the blockchain that enforce the performance of a contract without third parties. The transactions on the contract are tracked and cannot be reversed.

In addition, smart contracts eliminate or reduce the need for a middle-man. Dramatically reducing human errors and associated costs.

Smart contracts are great use case to test blockchain capability for your supply chain. Industries such as banking and insurance are already pushing forward to deploy smart contracts on blockchain secure platform such as Ethereum.

The benefits of a smart contract:

  • Security

  • Speed

  • Potential lower costs

  • Standardization

Potential areas where you could use smart contracts:

  • Shipping and logistics

  • Asset management

  • Infrastructure management

  • Supply chain

  • Cross-border financial systems

  • Life-term insurance

  • Real estate contracts

  • Hospitality services like Airbnb

Blockchain technology is going to play a major role in shaping our future. We can all agree the internet needs to be more secure. There is a tremendous amount of hype around it but make no doubt blockchain is here to stay.

As you build elite talent, bringing them into your organization can take time without any guarantees or productive outcomes.

Blockchain projects are a great use case to partner with a development firm such as Skiplist. The first step is a short discussion to see where we could potentially help. Often we can guide you to the best path whether that may be to do more research or start on a potential proof of concept then move to scaling the project from a MVP to a fully deployed product.



Blockchain Proof of Concept Stage


Most of what is written today about Blockchain technology is theoretical. What could potentially happen with blockchain and how disruptive it will be. 

There are articles after articles on how blockchain will disrupt X industry and change everything. Finance, supply chains, contracts, or venture capital, nothing is safe from blockchain's disruptive force. 

Let me know tell this is a lot of hype. Not to say it isn't true but hyped what too fast. This is the environment we live in now where something can go viral immediately. 

Hype is good thing when it comes to technology particularly. This is mainly how so much money gets poured into new projects and companies. The hype train brings in money so the infrastructure can be laid out today for a better tomorrow. 

Blockchain is not going anywhere. In the US we have a fairly good banking system and things generally work well. However, for many in the world their infrastructure is terrible. 

A basic thing such as keeping your money with you is not possible. Governments and banks hold all the cards. Extremely inflation in certain countries make the Bitcoin volatility look like a kids seesaw. 

Proof Of Concept

What most companies should be doing though is to start dipping their toes into blockchain. Start with a proof of concept (POC) and see what results you get from these tests. Maybe a smart contract can streamline the supply chain better and reduce costs by 15%. Then make bigger investments into a more wide spread architecture. 

There is not also a strong need to build out a full blockchain group internally. Use outside resources and freelance developers to build POCs. 

Test. Iterate. Test. Iterate. Look for areas to double down on. Then full steam ahead. 




Design Review: ProtonMail


Encrypted and based in Switzerland? Sounds interesting. 

On their homepage you'll find a bunch of cool features. At least cool to me. Swiss privacy. End-to-end encryption. Anonymous email. Open source. This is all good but ehhh. Intriguing for a nerd but the market doesn't really care. 

Wait a minute...then they list easy to use and modern inbox design. Ok now we are talking. "Security without the hassle" and "Security with productivity" is catchy. This the market does care about. 

Secure email will never get mass adoption without a great user experience. In the past, not many companies were able to solve this problem. When you think of security and encryption, I immediately think complicated. 

Protonmail makes it very simple. Just as simple as creating a Gmail account. This is really the most important factor. The underlying technology is an after thought when you just want to check email. 

The purpose of Protonmail and similar services is to keep your communications secure. Away from prying eyes. Corporate and government eyes. Even from hackers. You may think you have nothing to hide. That is true for most of us. I am mainly interested in security from hackers and general privacy when it comes to email. 

This led me to Protonmail. Check out this video for more into. You got privacy?

Sending an email message is like sending a postcard, says scientist Andy Yen in this thought-provoking talk: Anyone can read it. Yet encryption, the technology that protects the privacy of email communication, does exist. It's just that until now it has been difficult to install and a hassle to use.

 I signed up for the free account to get 5MB to check out the service. I almost immediately signed up for the paid account. The setup was extremely easy and the user experience is great also. 

For example, out of the box swipe right is archive an email and swipe left is trash. Simple. Touch ID setup was easy. Everything you would expect was simple. 

They really thought about the user experience. Even using the ProtonBridge to setup encrypted email on your desktop was easy. The bridge also can setup your Apple mail for you. Brilliant. 

The web portal is very good. They even show you how to secure your domain. This may be for a more advanced user but wasn't too bad for me. 

Not perfect

There are some drawbacks. It can be confusing to understand which plan to buy. Some plans give you 20G of total space. Then some give you a different space per user. Then another one included VPN. 

Setting up different email addresses seems quirky also. 

The major drawback is contacts isn't integrated with iOS. Meaning I can't save Proton contacts on my iPhone to a iPhone contact directory. I understand they want to keep it secure. Problem is if someone emails me and I save their email into a contact, I won't be able to text them from iPhone. It doesn't transfer over. 

Another big big drawback is no calendar support. This is a big problem for me. They say its on the roadmap. Even if it does come out I don't we will get iOS support. 

This leaves me with still having to use Gmail. I'll live with it for now. At least I got one secure email account. Nice work Protonmail. 



Design Review: Tesla Model S


Design matters a great deal. There are a number of articles on how awesome the Model S is for EV car. Most notably the 0-60mph in just a few seconds gets all the press. 

Yes, it is quite safe. Looks cool. etc etc. However, there are many overlooked design features that make the Model S truly a work of art. 

To make a car where an overwhelming favorite for customers who "love" their Tesla means they did almost everything right. Most importantly they designed the user experience right. 

Let me count the ways. In no particular order. 

  1. They key fob looks like a mini-Tesla. Nice design touch. To open the trunk double click the trunk on the key fob. Front trunk do the same. Rather than fumbling around trying to remember which button is which, it matches the car shape. Simple. 
  2. Each key fob is connected to a user profile. I walk up to the car with my key fob and everything adjusts to my settings as I am getting in. So driver seat automatically moves into my position. Only the rearview mirror doesn't move. Lame. 
  3. Door handles hide away when not need and are presented when unlocked. This doesn't seem important but it changes the look of the car when parked. A nice aesthetic touch. 
  4. Same goes for the side rearview mirror. They fold in when parked. This is an option also. You can turn this feature off along with auto-present handle. But why would you? It looks cool. 
  5. The steering wheel rattles slightly if you change lanes without giving your turn signal. I'll admit this seemed like a bug but a technician told me this is a feature. Can't tell if he was bullshitting me or not. Regardless, it is a gentle reminder to use your turn signals. 
  6. Over the air software updates. Seriously this is the best feature. New features are pushed to the Tesla fleets. You are constantly getting new features. You don't get that "I'm stuck with this same car" feeling. 
  7. Cute things like turning your Tesla icon on the dashboard into Santa Claus. Kids loved that. In that mode, when you use the turn signals jiggle bells play out instead of usual sounds. 
  8. All glass roof. This is different feature. Really cool at night. Gets a little hot on those hot summer days. 
  9. The frunk. No engine so you get an extra space in the front. I use the frunk for things takeout food. I'm not smelling up my Tesla with pizza. It also provides added protection in an accident by giving a larger crumple zone. Safe.
  10. Virtually no maintenance. No oil change. No timing belt. No tire rotation. Thank god. Never liked going to the mechanic. They jacking people. 
  11. Regenerative braking. This is an optional feature. My personal favorite. Normally when you let you foot off the gas the car keep rolling. In this mode, the motor actually reverses and provides a more braking feel. This means when I roll up into a stop light I often don't hit the brakes until I am almost completely stopped. Which means you use your brakes less. Which means you don't have to change them very often. Genius. Takes some getting use to but well worth it and safer.

Some Issues:

  1. USB ports are basically useless. Only the 12V can really power your phone with an adaptor. Not sure what the other ones are for. 
  2. Streaming music leaves a lot to be desired. Wish they integrated Spotify or something else than TuneIn. 
  3. Voice activation is a bit sketchy. Never can get it to understand anything. Maybe I can't speak clearly. 

That's all I could think of for now. 



Homemade Almond Milk

Dairy is terrible for your health. Soy milk also. 

Buying almond milk from the store is not a good idea either. They are full of chemicals and sugar if you are not careful. Any store bought milk is not good. 

If you are looking for an alternative. Make it at home. Here is a super simple almond milk recipe you can easily make at home. 

No additives. Ingredients controlled by you. Fresh. 


  • 1/2 cup soaked organic almonds (soak overnight 8-12 hours)
  • 2 cups spring water (use high quality water)
  • 1 medjool date (optional)
  • Dash of vanilla extract (optional)


  • Wash out soaked almonds. Don't use the water they were soaking in. 
  • Put soaked almonds, water, date, and vanilla in a blender. I use a ninja. 
  • Blend for a 30sec or a minute. 
  • Pour into a nut milk bag. Get this one. Nut Milk Bag. It is worth it. 
  • Squeeze out milk. Pour into a mason jar. Should be good for a week at most. 
  • Save the almond milk pulp. Don't through it away. You can make granola or add to pancake batter. 

This is a game changer. Don't have too much almond milk though.



Sushi Iki in Tarzana SoCal

One of my favorite sushi restaurants of all time. Right up there with Hiko Sushi. Both in LA. Unbelievable freshness. The owner gets select choice of seafood. You can taste when whatever you are eating melts in your mouth. 

We were lucky to get crab that day. Limited supply. Some items are flown in from Japan. I wish I had some more time to get into the details with the owner. 

Tried that Sea urchin. Not for everyone but damn it was good. And the crab. DAAAAAAAMN!

Oysters were so fresh. I would never order oysters but couldn't resist. 

Definitely a gem if you ever make it out to the area. Do not pass up. 

  Hiko Sushi  in LA. The  best sushi  on the planet. I just got one picture of the best Toro out there. 

Hiko Sushi in LA. The best sushi on the planet. I just got one picture of the best Toro out there. 



Nespresso Beverly Hills

nespresso bh.jpg

Nespresso should seriously pay me for this photo. Looks so professional. Whenever I am in Beverly Hills, I am not sure why but I love stopping by the Nespresso shop. One block away from Rodeo Drive.

I know its a touristy thing to do but look at that cold brew. On point. 

Coffee is surprisingly good. Plus some small bites. 



My Thoughts on Blockchain Technology



For me personally, I have always been fascinated by technology and finance. The Dotcom boom and bust was a wild ride. From the rubble came a wave of new tech companies. Namely Google, Facebook, and many others. Tremendous investments were made to build out the foundation of the internet. 

Wireless communication and the growth of LTE, Wifi, and Bluetooth have completely changed our lives. Mobile communication and the upcoming launch of 5G is going to be really cool. 

The financial crisis and housing crash was an interesting experiment that seems to be repeating itself. Banking is primed for a major technology overhaul. 

Every now and then we encounter seismic shifts in how technology will shape our future. Currently, that new technology is the Blockchain. You have probably heard of it by now. Bitcoin and Ethereum are examples of applications built on the blockchain. 

There is so much to digest. It can be difficult to filter through the noise as most conversations right now are very technical. This is generally a good thing as we need really smart people to build out the infrastructure of what will blockchain do for everyone. 

Although I have been following this technology for some time now. I am just recently focusing more attention to learn more about possible beneficial applications of the blockchain. 


A blockchain is a digital ledger of records or transactions arranged in data blocks. Blocks are linked together through a cryptographic validation known as a hashing function. Follow the link if you want to nerd out for a bit or have trouble sleeping. 

Linking the blocks together forms a blockchain. 

What makes blockchain and this type of data structure so hot is applications can be decentralized. Records are not stored in any single location, are accessible by everyone, and are immutable. Meaning it is nearly impossible to hack. 


Let’s look at the most popular application of blockchain technology. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is built on the blockchain. There is no physical paper, like a US dollar. It is all digital. 

The challenge with making this purely digital is you could copy it for example. Also, how do I know your Bitcoin is legit and you didn’t counterfeit it. 

This is where blockchain technology enables us to use Bitcoins to buy and sell goods online with the confidence. 

Wait a minute. We can already buy and sell goods online. What’s wrong with PayPal and the current checkout system?

Well, for one thing, these transactions are controlled by just a few companies. We pay a ton in fees just to transfer money. Have you ever sent money overseas? It transfers from bank to bank adding fees upon fees and days to the process. 

There is no central company or person controlling Bitcoin. Bitcoin technology does not recognize a person or entity for validation. Completely decentralized. There are blockchain applications which are hybrids though. So it is not all or nothing. 

Blockchain hopes to make this more efficient by minimizing the middleman and enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions. 


  • No single authority in control
  • No center
  • No concentration of power
  • Secure (uses a push mechanism rather than pull). The network only sends what is needed where banks pull information from your account with credit cards for example.
  • Continuous innovation since it is an open network
  • Unchangeable
  • Unforgeable
  • Built-in privacy
  • No prior authorization needed to use the blockchain
  • Consumer protection allowing users direct control of their information
  • Predictable outcomes

My focus here is to summarize my thoughts around Blockchain and related applications. Specifically around how to apply this exponential technology to everyday businesses. The intention is not to be too technical because Ill get lost myself. 

How will blockchain effect banks?

How will blockchain effect supply chains?

How will blockchain be regulated?

How will blockchain affect my parents?

I hope to answer with future discussions. I cannot predict if Bitcoin will hit $20,000 or die out. However, one thing I know for sure is blockchain technology is not going away. 




Good resources

The Blockchain Explained to Web Developers, Part 1: The Theory

Why Blockchain Matters More Than You Think!

Privacy on the blockchain – Hacker Noon

Blockchain Twitter Starter Pack

How can creative industries benefit from blockchain? - The World Economic Forum

Blockchain Revolution | Blockchain Companies | AI & Blockchain Revolutionize Industries

The Blockchain Explained to Web Developers, Part 1: The Theory

Why Blockchain Matters More Than You Think!

Decentralized vs Centralized vs Distributed

Peer-to-peer networking and cloud technologies are fascinating when you start to think about how information is moved. 

Particularly with financial institutions that are prone to aggressive and constant cyber attacks. 

A key aspect about blockchain is it is a decentralized network. There is no central control. This is important for security to not have a central point for attackers to focus on.

 Illustration from “On Distributed Communication Networks”, showing three types of networks.

Illustration from “On Distributed Communication Networks”, showing three types of networks.

This is different from a distributed network. Even though Amazon may have various cloud services with servers distributed across the globe, it is still controlled by Amazon. An issue arises with Amazon and your data could be in danger. 

I am personally not so concerned that Amazon controls the servers. It seems to be working well and thousands of businesses are built on AWS. They must be doing something right. 

However, the future with blockchain technology promises a decentralized environment where no one company holds all the data.



The Three Guarantees in Life


A few years ago I am four floors underground walking to catch a train in Seoul I hear a loud “pop”! The 60 pound case I was wheeling around a foreign country decided it was time to break a hinge holding the wheel. The case now felt like dragging a house.

It was a crowded subway. I stopped right in the middle like a rock protruding in a stream. The stream of people kept going around me without any hesitation.

I managed to drag the case out of the way to the side. I notice the train is a few minutes away. After letting out a few expletives I think, “What I am going to do”?

We all have these moments where we are faced with a decision. Seemingly simple but what you choose and why you choose it makes all the difference.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “There are two guarantees in life, death and taxes”. It makes sense. These are two strong driving forces in our lives. However, for me something was missing.

I kicked and kicked the wheel hinge until I jammed it back in place. I tried to Macgyver a brace that would hold until my meeting was over. Now all I had to do was survive for a few more days while also dragging the case back to the Bay Area. How did I do on that trip? Did pretty good. I think.

“Seemingly simple but what you choose and why you choose it makes all the difference. ”

What motivated me to man up that day in the train station was bigger than death and taxes.

I believe there is a third guarantee in life. More subtle. Invisible. Nuanced. The third guarantee is “higher expectations”.

There is always more expected.

Ask any sales person. What have you done for me lately? Every year our quota goes up. Bank on it. Every year more revenue is expected. Cost of living keeps rising. Better products required. More features. Faster. Cheaper. Push the boundaries.

It is human nature to expect more. Venti mocha two-pump triple shot light ice frappuccino with whip, please.

What got me going that day was thinking about my family. They expect more from me. I expect to do more for them. I am constantly pushing myself to keep going.

Started from the bottom…

There is no amount of money or fame to pick you up from the bottom. You have to have to turn to something bigger. For me it was family. For you, it may be someone else or an important cause.

abyss elon.jpeg

As an entrepreneur, seriously think about your business. Build up a good network of friends, family you can turn to, advisors, and mentors. I truly believe there has to be a human element in what we do to make it more meaningful. Our personal connections are what drives us to do better. You’ll be more successful in every way.

Eating healthy and exercising may help prolong death. Educating yourself on money may lower your taxes. Higher expectations are a guarantee.

Finding something bigger than yourself will help you better handle the higher expectations. You will need it to pull you through the abyss of entrepreneurship and sales.



Chickpea Salad

chickpea salad.jpg

Chickpeas should be a routine. Another healthy vegetable. Alkaline food. Chickpea flour is very versatile also. 

Made my own red bell pepper dressing. Once I figure out how to make it right, I'll post the recipe. 

Choley at any Indian/Pakistani restaurant is a solid option. 



Avocado Toast on Spelt Bread

avocado toast.jpg

I love me some avocado toast. I don't love paying $15 bucks for it. That's straight jacking people. 

Make it home. Super super easy. 

This is my staple. I eat this often for breakfast. Actually anytime I get hungry. It is a good snack option. 


  • One small avocado, mash it up in the skin with a fork. No seasoning needed. I sometimes sprinkle on cayenne.
  • Spelt bread
  • Flaxseed and Hempseed (optional)

Almond butter toast is another staple. However, for weight loss keep the almonds on low. 



Daal and Wild Rice

daal and rice.jpg

South Asian staple. I eat this often. Especially when eating out at an Indian/Pakistani restaurant. 

If made really well, it will hit the spot and fill you up. Be careful not to eat too much. I tend to have this meal on a workout day. 

I don't make it the traditional way. I actually don't know what that way is anyway. I reduced the salt and practically no oil. 

Also subbed out white rice for wild rice. Wild rice another great alkaline food. Eat away. 



Homemade Sushi

homemade sushi.jpg

Sushi is always a great choice when eating out. Plenty of good food choices. I took a shot at making my own at home. 

Definitely not professional but was fairly easy to make. Best part was I was able to control the seasoning and put any veggie I had around. 

Nori or seaweed is a great alkaline food. So is a wakame salad. 

Turned out good. Similar to Sushirrito. 



Banana Sandwich

banana sandwich.jpg

I personally love this sandwich. I could eat this everyday and every meal. The options are endless and fairly healthy as well. 

I recently eat more spelt bread rather than wheat bread. Spelt is a higher alkaline food and less altered by man than wheat. Whole wheat is just ok. Go for spelt if possible. 

This version is my go to. 


  • Organic banana
  • Unsalted almond butter
  • Blueberries
  • Sprinkle some flaxseed and hempseed (optional) 



Rosewood Hotel Sand Hill


Dropped in for a quick meeting at the Rosewood. Have not been here in quite some time. I wonder if Thursday nights are still poppin?

The view is amazing. The calming rolling hills of Portola Valley and Los Altos Hills. A bit hazy today. 

The atmosphere at the Rosewood is always high-class.

In one corner you have want seems to be a few entrepreneurs who just finished a VC pitch. They seem stressed. Poor guys. I hope they get funding. 

In another corner, probably the same VCs who were just pitched by the entrepreneurs in the other corner. They seem happy. Enjoying some midday drinks. Good stuff. 

I decided to grab my own corner and get a bite to eat before my meeting. I wore my fancy coat. You got to look good here. 

The bar menu at Madera is limited. However, looks well balanced and delicious. Always challenging to figure out what to eat when out and about. 

I'm trying to go for that sixpack which means I should be careful of added sugars and empty carbs. 

What did I eat?

I settle on the mixed green salad with kumquat and candied pecans. I scratch the pecans and ask for dressing on the side. I have no idea what is a kumquat. I am hoping something not carby. Kumquat is a citrus fruit I find out later. Pretty good. 

Tip: Order a salad with the dressing on the side or no dressing. Empty calories for no reason. You'll get used to the taste of actually tasting the real flavor of greens. 

Solid place for a drink or small meal.